Buddha Point

Buddha Point
Buddha Point at Kuenselphodrang Nature Park, Thimphu, By: admin

Bhutan Top Ten: Fast Food & Restaurants

Planning a evening out or simply a brunch date or even quite dinner by yourself the choice is yours. It is all much easier to do so when you know which restaurant you would prefer while you can quietly scrutinize. Know which is the exclusive in your town. Bhutanese restaurants provide you with the fusion of almost anything. Plan your palate before bustling into a restaurant which doesn't serve what you want. Trendy to cultural restaurant take your best pick.

The Top Ten List Add Fast Food & Restaurants


Ambient Cafe
Votes: 4


The Zone
Votes: 3


Thija Cafe
Votes: 3


Bhutan Herbal Tea
Votes: 1


My Kind of Place
Votes: 1


Champaca Cafe
Votes: 1